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Originally Posted by Capt. T/O View Post
The Canada Firearms Center was established to implement the Firearms Act.
The Firearms Act defines a firearm as having it shoot 500 fps AND 5.7 joules, as you correctly stated.

The local LE and local prosecutors implement/enforce the Canada Criminal Code, which defines a firearm as being able to shoot greater than 500 fps OR have a muzzle velocity greater than 5.7 joules.

It's 500fps AND 5.7J, period, there is no such distinction between CFC and RCMP. C-10A applies to both the Firearms Act and the Criminal Code in the exact same way.

I understand the wording is rather confusing, but Parliament wrote the section to mean AND, and there aren't two interpretations on it.

Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
I was under the impression that threatening a person with a replica firearm, regardless of it's ability to operate, was considered brandishing a deadly weapon with intent to harm and can stack firearm charges against you.
If you threaten a person in the course of committing certain indictable offences with even a paintball gun, you can be punished with firearm offences. It isn't limited to replicas.
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