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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
Actually I've got an email from Canada Firearms Center and be classified AS a firearm it must meet or pass BOTH fps and joules to be classified. Meaning if you airsoft gun is 600fps but say 2.2 joules, its not a firearm.

For a .2g BB to reach 5.7 joules, that BB needs to be going around 790fps I think it is? a .23g BB would need to reach about 730fps.
The Canada Firearms Center was established to implement the Firearms Act.
The Firearms Act defines a firearm as having it shoot 500 fps AND 5.7 joules, as you correctly stated.

The local LE and local prosecutors implement/enforce the Canada Criminal Code, which defines a firearm as being able to shoot greater than 500 fps OR have a muzzle velocity greater than 5.7 joules.

The CFC actually defines this very well in their article defining airguns and airsoft guns on their website, defining firearms for the purposes of the Criminal Code and for the purposes of the Firearms Act.

In short, if you have a AEG or bolt action airsoft gun that shoots greater than 500 fps, and you point it at someone in public, you CAN be charged with pointing a firearm. Once that stigma applies, the prosecutors CAN charge you with all sorts of other nasty CRIMES related to firearms (because they have already defined your gun as a firearm in the first criminal charge).

BUT... this only applies when you commit a CRIME with your airsoft gun and not before. Everything before the crime, should be regulated by the Firearms Act (ie transportation, import/export, selling, owning, etc.)
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