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Originally Posted by lilrush View Post
So basically a few weeks ago I had an airsoft item seized and one of my options is to export to US.

I figure, hey, exporting to a friend or family is better than it going to waste, right? (aka, the "abandon to the crown" option).

The Letter they (CBSA) sent me is instructing me to find a Canada Customs Bonded Carrier to export the "goods" for me, at my expense of course.

What exactly is a Canada Customs Bonded Carrier? Does anyone have experience with this, or maybe some insight on how to complete this procedure?

Thank you in advance.
A bonded carrier is a carrier that has the ability to drop a load of goods at the border as "In Bond" until it awaits clearance at customs. The driver of said truck, rather than sitting and waiting at the border until the load clears, can go on through (assuming he is good to go) and continue on working other loads. When the questionable load has cleared customs another driver for that company will pick it up and complete delivery. While "In Bond" your items will sit in a "Bond Shed" at the border where they can inspect it or do as they please with it. Bondable Carriers are used for transportation of all manner of goods, and are pretty easy to find if you're willing to sit down and do some homework on the matter.
I don't want to know what you did to get it seized (it obviously wasn't good), and if you're hinging on luck you really shouldn't (sending stuff like this is also a -very- bad scene to get into), but if that's all they've told you about it than it isn't bad. The bill you may get for shipping it through a bonded carrier might be. The fact that the customs agent, broker, and everyone else that handles the paperwork that is in a position of authority will know and have a record of you exporting a prohibited item will be. The fact that all the customs officials will have about a week to stew over your In Bond shipment, and what they'll do about it could be bad. All in all, getting it seized wasn't bright, and shipping it without doing the necessary research to make sure you aren't breaking any importation/exportation laws was the icing on the cake of stupidity.
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