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Originally Posted by Capt. T/O View Post
under the Criminal Code, its 500 fps muzzle velocity OR 5.7 joules of muzzle energy... under the Firearms Act, its 500 fps AND 5.7 joules.

it really depends what they want to charge you with...
you mentioned criminal charges.... that implies the Criminal Code and thus 500 fps OR 5.7 joules.
Actually I've got an email from Canada Firearms Center and be classified AS a firearm it must meet or pass BOTH fps and joules to be classified. Meaning if you airsoft gun is 600fps but say 2.2 joules, its not a firearm.

For a .2g BB to reach 5.7 joules, that BB needs to be going around 790fps I think it is? a .23g BB would need to reach about 730fps.

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