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[QUOTE=ravenOVERwater;791956]I'm currently overseas..

I got a call from my family today that my apartment was searched by the police under a warrant for possessing firearms, magazine, etc.

At no point did I take the airsofts outside of the apartment.. I wasn't even in the country. And I don't share my apartment with anyone. The apartment I'm in is still under construction on the upper floors, and contractors sometimes enter the unit... however, my unit is listed as do not enter unless owner is present, so I did not worry about it. I think some contractor ignored the notice, went in while I was away, saw an airsoft, and called the cops.

Wow, what a gross load of crap to have to deal with.....any angry exes or anything? Looks like you've gotten solid advice so far, get a lawyer involved quick so they can protect your property on you behalf while you're in absentia, and to act on you behalf at any and all court appearances, I doubt that you'll be charged, highly doubt it, but then again you never can know for sure with these things, just hope you're not an example.

One other important thing what branch of the police searched your premises?
And yeah if someone trespassed on your property and caused all this mess over nothing you should definitely sue to recover any damages/legal fees as well.

Good Luck and DO NOT procrastinate, in the eyes of the law initiative can be a very powerful weapon, get on it.

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