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Originally Posted by Lawdog View Post
Sorry to take so long to respond I was away from my computer for a couple of days:

1) A clearly articulated policy by the CSSA, in writing, that showed that they both clearly understood our issues as airsofters and had a realistic idea of how to make airsoft more accessible in Canada.

2) A change to their constitution that would ensure airsofters would be represented on their governing bodies to a certain proportion, not just based on straight numbers. IE a certain number of ASers would be required on their Board of however they are governed.

3) Members of the CSSA dropping by to promte their org at a couple of the largest AS events would not be bad either.

If they did 1) an 2) I'd be in.

Ok, we'll try approaching them first and asking what they can do for us.

I sent off an email to the CSSA this morning including the points mentioned by Lawdog.

I'll post their reply.
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