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Wholesale prices are pretty much BS! Knock off approx 25% from the price the store lists it at and there is your wholesale price!

So what I wrote before about a $50 scope being sold wholesale for $35 is still the same! I've got the whole wholesale price list if anyone wants a copy! It's in a microsoft Excel file!

So buying something at $35 and trying to sell it for $50 in country with shipping included is pretty much a bust. I know personally I cant do business at those prices....

Numbers (rough estimates):

$1000 minimum order at 25% discount. Now selling things at the same prices means that your profit margin is only $250 for every $1000! Since this all has to be imported as retail stock for a company duty, taxes, etc must be paid upon it. That drops your profit margin even lower! Lets say that duty and taxes were 14%, on $1000 that would mean $140. So now your profit is only $110 for every $1000.

Now this is really rough figures as some items are 40% discount on wholesale such as some gear items, but most of the accessories are 25% or less.

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