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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
If people don't get greedy and can continue providing ebaybanned products at the same price or cheaper (because Paul made it pretty clear what he thinks "fair" should be - people should be able to sell even CHEAPER than he could), then I'll be buying my ass off from whoever starts carrying his gear.

Being able to get my products fast (ebaybanned were always fast) and not having to worry about customs should they all of a sudden decide some non-prohibited part doesn't get into the country and seize it is a BIG bonus as well.
I think the big this is people making fair profit! buy for $50 and sell for $100. I know that in the few stores Ive managed, the golden rule was sell for 3x what you bought it for. Of course this dealt with retail stores and not online companies. With online companies it's generally 2x. So it all depends on what EB lists their wholesale prices at!

The last time I asked about wholesale from EB lets just say that those weren't wholesale prices! The sold say a scope on their site for $50, their wholesale price for that scope was $35. Not much room for profit there... but now with them dropping out of the retail hopefully their wholesale prices drop, otherwise don't expect people to sell those products here as cheap.
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