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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
And I asked you some simple questions and you failed to answer them, too:

What's your relationship with CSSA?

How can CSSA help us, as airsofters, specifically?

You think we're just gonna drop $45 on an org that may not only not help us but actually has a good chunk of members opposed to us? Without some kind of tangible benefit at the very least being waved at us? Not MY $45, buddy.

This gentleman understands. He can he speak for me.
My dear Drake ....

I understand for some people $45 is nothing and for others it is a small fortune. Perhaps an explanation will alleviate some of your concerns.

I am just a member of the CSSA. Nothing else ...nothing special ..... zippo...just a member. Just like I'm a member in this community forum.

I joined the CSSA because I came to realize the aisoft community has no recognized representation, no focus and we are as organized as a bunch of wild goats running up and down hills.

How can the CSSA help us?

They have an infrastructure in place and we have squat. We also have a common interest ..... airguns.

To have some sort of credibility in any discussion or negotiation with the CSSA we need to have an idea of what we want and how many people are also interested in joining.

At that point we can say: we are interested in this and this is the number of people that would be willing to join your organization. Now, what can you do for us?

Until we have that focus, no meaningful dialogue will occur.


btw ... you sound like a prosecutor or do you just watch a lot of JAG?
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