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Originally Posted by infernal View Post
Last I checked we didnt even have a national club to join in the first place... you know, dues, elected officials... etc. Even the local "groups" are just a bunch of guys with no national association. We have no collective FPS limits, rules or guidelines.

I think if we're to be taken seriously, we're going to have to start acting seriously.
That would be huge. I guess we're sort of hoping this CSSA body will embrace our plight.

Nationally sanctioned events would be a big step. ASC has a loose network for age identifiers etc, perhaps there can be agreed upon/legally copesthetic standards we can write in stone for these sanctioned games and could create an 'ASC official' role, one of whom would be at each game bearing the ASC rubber stamp to oversee the implementation of chronoing, safety equipment use, etc.

If it meant leading up to a legal way of distributing airsoft under a special license or exclusion (the thing our scene actually needs to flourish) through governing body distribution that could verify purchasing member status, at least we'de have a platform to stand on to present our case.
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