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I agree with you, I work at Canadian Tire and god knows how many time I was asked for clearsoft from underage kids. We have been instructed not to sell them to persons under 16 years old but no matter if I refuse to, most of them comes back anyway with their parents who makes the purchase for them. :banghead:
I think one of the bigest reasions for people that are buying one is the fact that there way to cheep, any 6 year old with a $20 alawence can aford one of these things and thats why more and more people are loosing eyes because of all these little kids who dont have the slitest clue about safty and proper gun use, are just going Ooo lets play guns , and dont realiz the fact that some one could loose a eye and its also kind of the parents falt to because there the ones buying the gun in the first place. And i think this gives airsoft a bad name.
be glad to trade you some Arvin rifles... never been fired and only dropped once
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