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Review: Laylax Nitro Vo Battery box Eotech 552 replica

This is a review of my Laylax Nitro Vo Eotech 552 replica battery box. It's a unique looking sight that has a red dot and it can also house a mini size 8.4V battery or possibly a Lipo battery (depending on the capacity).

I picked mine up on Ebay, they sell for around $110 - $150 or so. This is the box and instructions (all in Japanese).

The box is nicely packaged, with foam inserts and a clear plastic cover with overlays. The sight comes with a button cell battery to power it, but not the actual AEG battery.

First impression: It's a fairly good replica of the Eotech 552, most of it is aluminum (the base, outer frame, etc..) but the battery cover and main part of the sight is ABS plastic. You can disassemble the sight into the main components: base, inner sight, battery cover, and outer aluminum shell.
Look and feel on the unit is good. It uses a single thumb screw on the side for tightening. You need to disassemble it to replace the button cell battery underneath.

These are the instructions in Japanese.

My first beef with the battery box was that I assumed it would fit most mini batteries (it is a battery box after all!) But to my surprise, my new Firefox 8.4V battery from Ehobby was too long to fit. I compared it to an old Nicad I had kicking around, the Firefox battery was about 3/16" too long (see comparison pics).

This is because the Firefox battery has a plastic plate at the front, I assume for the battery contact connection point. This extra bit of bulk unfortunately means the battery won't fit. I'll probably take the pack apart and re-solder it and re-heat shrink wrap it for a better fit.

Here's an image of the cord sticking out, you can see that the box lid will not slide closed.

Many people online seem to think that this is just a battery box, but it does have a simple functioning red dot sight.

Unfortunately, there's 2 main beefs I have with this sight:
1. the red dot is not adjustable for windage / elevation, the adjustment knobs are fake (molded on). Unless I don't understand something in japanese, there are no adjustments. One must assume that it's centered / tuned from the factory.

2. the red dot itself is pretty cheap, it doesn't have a full circular redicule, it's a simple dot and you can see a slight double image to the dot.

Some may say 'what do you expect". Well, I have a cheap replica Docter style sight, and it's tiny and uses a button cell, but it has a solid dot and you can adjust it for windage / elevation. I would think for $125 or so, you would get that kind of quality but not in this case.

Fitment wise, I tested this on my TM M4. It fits securely on the top rail, but if you have it mounted on the receiver (and allow the slight gap where the delta ring is to let the battery cord "hang", the cord for your battery may be too short.

This isn't a huge deal but requires either some re-jigging inside your foregrip, or extending some wires on the batteries or inside your foregrip. Or, you could mount the box further forward depending on your foregrip / handguard.

Here it is installed on my M4

Testing: while I have a few beefs so far with the unit, the proof is in testing it.

Right off the bat, the battery sits a bit loose inside the box. If noise bugs you, you might want to pad it with some thin foam tape.

I figured since the sight doesn't allow for any adjustments, it would be pretty crappy. But to my surprise, once installed and with my BUIS flipped up, everything was lined up! All of the sights were "co-witnessed" meaning all 3 were lined up pretty much bang on.

The pictures don't really do the co-witnessing justice (It's hard to hold and AEG, sight it and take a picture at the same time)

I tested it with some plinking in my basement with a cardboard target about 45 feet away. The sight was actually pretty decent in terms of performance. It was decently accurate, and while I probably wouldn't suggest it for sniping, it's decent as a red dot for close / medium range targets.

All in all, I like the Laylax Nitro Vo Battery box. But the somewhat steep price for what you get is a bit of a turnoff.

Would I recommend it? It really depends on what you intend to use it for. If you already have invested a lot in optics (good holosight, etc..) I would say no, you will be disappointed in the performance.

However, if you don't have optics and are lacking in battery storage options and your AEG only needs a mini 8.4V battery, this might work for you if you can find one at a decent price.

If Laylax or dealers could lower the price below $100, I think it would be a good value for those looking for battery solutions.

- battery storage and sight in one
- functional red dot
- looks cool
- sturdy construction

- hefty price for what you get
- may not be able to hold all battery sizes
- slight rattle inside battery compartment
- you might need to extend wires
- red dot isn't awesome (double dot image)
- not adjustable for windage / elevation

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