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I'm pretty skeptical about the idea that transparency will project promote acceptance. While we shouldn't hide by any means, the sole precedent for such transparency through tracking players hasn't been good. The VCRA was followed by UKARA's database for airsoft players, to enable retailers to sell to players as opposed to just anybody. Last time I checked, there were serious doubts about retailers adhering to the guidelines and the willingness of UKARA to act against said retailers, since they carried no real legal weight.

Not to mention that ASC is suppose to be the tip of the iceberg for airsofting in Canada. I don't think a very incomplete picture of airsofters and their replicas is going to impress anyone in government anymore than age verification already has. In addition, we're not really the ones that led to the current restrictions on replica firearms. The concern is over their use in robberies and the like. We're already the good boys, but we're getting punished in association. No matter how good we are, if the bad boys are bad enough, it really doesn't matter what we do.

Finally, while possession isn't technically illegal, the transfer of replica firearm involves a number of legal issue. The open release of that information, no matter how non-representative it is of Canada as a whole, should be carefully considered.
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