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I would believe that we have people age verified on here who attempt to associate themselves with a judicial outlook from which we can respectfully justify and socially legitimize the self regulating measures of use in the posession of our AEG equipment(s).

My personal suggestion would abdicate that users of this forum enact with collective confidence an easily identified and assessable public partition of this website which could account of an organized information registry of the Airsoft Canada users and associates, easily accessible by provincial and federal bodies. This account should respectfully acknowledge our public attempt to associate a measure of control in the registered Airsoft community adhering to responsibly-safe conductual procedures and accountancy of Airsoft Sport AEG products in Canada.

Perhaps there should be a public information search on the website, some kinda graph systemed search access/client profile which shows amongst others, who verified who in what region, date, a geographical map linked to each territorial site/business grounds designated as where each user(s) - associate(s) of the Airsoft Canada forum are registered and/or accounted for in the participation of the sport (club-business addresses - sponsors). I'm sure anyone who has sold AEG on this site as a sport client exchange has kept their online invoices and bank payments for personal record and auditing, thus I feel that if you were ever asked to provide the product no.(s) of your equipment for information system cataloging purposes, that is so your registered status in the combat sport could be acknowledged respectful both provincial and federal, and is consistent of applicable information necessary for an effective model of online registry.

Moreover, in the suspicion that possession of your equipment was relevant as evidence used in part of a criminal infraction (ie: brandishing or using the AEG in a location which could be used to threaten and/or any other legally relevant worry, which could define the equipment as a firearm a/o replica firearm an its applicable term in its context to its action/use in question). An online equipment registry and user information log might help to elevate a remedy.

My point is if you are really worried that you could be at risk, create yourself a competent means of demonstrating responsible action both personally and collectively to remedy any relevant inquires about the AEG products you posses, and your personal effort to project responsible Airsoft conduct and sport ethics in your identification as a airsoft participant.

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