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Hey Proteus

I think its good that CSSA has their own organization and has a whole mobilized front to help promote their cause for just $45.

But the majour downfall is that there are also organizations that are opposed to any form of guns, not saying we are all gun totting, random drive by shooting thugs but the vast majority of those people see guns = bad = death. And lets say you can get past them and gather enough people to your cause, then you have to deal with the politicians and lawmakers.

Sure you can get lobbyist to lobby for us but the thing is you will need very powerful lobbyist mainly the ones who lobby for tobacco companies. And most of us aren't multi-millionaires to afford them.

As for getting politicans on your side to vouch for you is very hard, even if they happen to be gun owners or airsoft players their main concern is not about the merits of how we police ourselves or the merits of how we can be lawful citizens with guns, or how much money there is in the industry. All it comes down to is votes. Money talks but votes speak louder, would they be able to win more votes for vouching for us? They will win our votes but then again how many votes will they lose supporting us?

$45 is not hard to give up but its the thought of joining something that you are skeptical about is even a bigger deterrent.
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