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warbird...there shouldn't be any explanation at all of how dangerous guns are and to be careful with them. that talk shouldn't even b considered until they are 18 because they shouldn't have had the gun to start with! that person is damn lucky they didn't lose their eye. it's things like this that move airsoft in canada from the grey zone to the red zone....jesus christ, srry guys for my harsh reaction but i haven't been waiting 2 years to start this sport just to have it banned because 12 year olds are fuckin running around shooting people in the bloody eye. HE SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAD THAT GUN...YOUR PARENTS SHOULD HAVE TAKEN IT!! don't mention gun safety to him because if you do, he's gonna keep playing with guns but just think he needs to b more careful...wen he shouldn't have one period. talking will just make it worse but i strongly suggest if u ever see him playin with one again even if its in a backyard game, to take it away and give him a good bitchin for touchin another airsoft gun after wat happened.
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