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So, you wanna be in a movie?

Special Skills extras needed for student film project.

there is no budget (read as no pay.. though they will feed you)... This will be a full day committment

need 5-6 people

Dress is Black Tactical, Belaclavas required.

weapons. M4 , or MP5 , with secondary. Weapons with optics, flashlights and or anything else you can mount on a rail are prefered.

You MUST have a lockable case for you weapons.

The Scene will be a vehicle Assault and Take Down

The director is well organized.. he won't waste your day with hurry up and wait. (I've seen him work.. he's young.. but committed and respectful of the time offered by others )

this will be next Saturday August 16

Location to be determined.. all permits and licenses and police notifications are in place.

You will be organized by an experienced fight director, who is working on this film as a favour to the director.

If you have the gear.. and the desire to be involved in a film project please contact the Fight Director

at zirger at gmail dot com.

if you want more info email the fight director.. do not post in this thread.
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