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On looks, seems ok. The D-Boys chinese made... so they are in the low quality AEG. Surely you can modify it by yourself... that means put new internals... switch external for better...

But you're not even sure if the AEG will work fine.

Your best bet... buy something good ! TM, STAR, CA, VFC, SYSTEMA... not some cheap AEG that you'll waste a lot of money and time.

I learned something for the last past few years... when you buy something already tuned up... that you don't need to modify the internal... it will work just fine. By the moment you do some mod inside the mechbox... change receiver... you're beginning to face problems... mags feeding problem... hop up problems... a lot of problems...

Think about what type of player you are... after, buy something in consequence to match your style of play.
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