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hey guys and gals, my name is jake. im 14, and over the past about 7 months i've been reading up on airsoft. finaly i've decided to make an account on these great forums.

i have some small experience with low-grade AEG's. not liking the roll of putting heavy fire on people, i've been reading up on sniping for about 4 months now. i can hit a looney at 100 feet with my dads VSR-10 marui clone(one of the low grade sniper rifles that arnt clearsoft) and i enjoy laying around on my stomach for about 3-4 hours at a time, whating for black birds to come to my dads cherry trees. once i see one, i dont shoot it, i shoot at the branch below it, just so i dont harm it.

my hobbys and interests are airsoft, researching history and modern events over in iraq and afganistan(don't know if i spelled that right), and adding to my never ending collection of modern warfair equipment. i dont play video games, i only research for school work and when i have spare time, airsoft. i live out in the middle of no were, so airsoft is fine with the police, and my parents.

i look forward to hopefully being at an actual game when im 16 with my dad, and i also hope to make friends along the way.

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