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Originally Posted by Proteus View Post
Money is money and money talks.

The current membership of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association is about 15,000. With a yearly membership cost of $45 each they would bring in about $675,000.

On this forum there are 27,530 members. If every airsoft member joined the CSSA revenues would triple by an additional $1.2 million.

If only half joined, the CSSA membership numbers would double, so would their revenue and also their lobby voice would be louder.

Within the airsoft community we have ex-military and reservists, policemen and peace officers, professionals and many other law biding Canadians who have one thing in common ...... they all have a little boy inside who likes to dress up in a uniform and play toy guns with his friends on weekends.

We would bring a lot to the CSSA community ...... members and money. They will give us organization, focus and a voice.

How much do you have invested? $1000? more?

The price of membership is a couple of packets of BB's .... $45.

We can talk and wait for the coming of the Airsoft Messiah .....or join an organization that is real.

I take it you're already a member?

Why don't you get them to put up something explicit about airsoft on their website and explain what they can do for us and our particular situation -- doubling their membership base should be a decent impetus. I'm sure ASC members would become a lot more interested.

But until then, I still believe the traditional view that we're unlicensed and using what they generally perceive as prohibited/illegal (replica) toys just makes us more of a liability/hot potato than we're worth. Back in the day, I remember even airguns (bona fide pellet guns with decent power) were looked down upon by a lot of the "real gun owners."
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