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I agree with Drake. Despite the fact we may see them as guns and treat them accordingly with the same respect as real firearms and that the government treats them with even more predjudice than real steel, most serious sports shooters I've spoken to consider them nothing but toys and not worthy of any serious consideration. If THEY were to see airsoft guns as something more serious, then I agree it would be a great start and we'd have an organized, well-established group that could lobby on our behalf. However, I don't see this happening.
Money is money and money talks.

The current membership of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association is about 15,000. With a yearly membership cost of $45 each they would bring in about $675,000.

On this forum there are 27,530 members. If every airsoft member joined the CSSA revenues would triple by an additional $1.2 million.

If only half joined, the CSSA membership numbers would double, so would their revenue and also their lobby voice would be louder.

Within the airsoft community we have ex-military and reservists, policemen and peace officers, professionals and many other law biding Canadians who have one thing in common ...... they all have a little boy inside who likes to dress up in a uniform and play toy guns with his friends on weekends.

We would bring a lot to the CSSA community ...... members and money. They will give us organization, focus and a voice.

How much do you have invested? $1000? more?

The price of membership is a couple of packets of BB's .... $45.

We can talk and wait for the coming of the Airsoft Messiah .....or join an organization that is real.

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