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Sorry, I have been out of the country this past week. My guys have been fulfilling the practical side of business (shipping, manufacturing etc.), but they have been too swamped to handle emails in a prompt manner. When the sh*t hits the fan business goes triage priority mode: fulfill shipments, manufacture resupply inventory, handle admin duties. Sorry, it makes us look really unprofessional, but we're a small operation still with high surge demand issues. The best we can do at this point is make sure shipments go out the door even if shipping notifications fall by the wayside. Bad optics, promptish delivery.

Last week was particularly hairy. We just moved and I had to jet to Japan on business. Before last week I was the primary manager. Last week one of my guys got deputized to do the job for the first time in a new location. Now that I'm back, I'll start addressing the issues that fell thru some pretty troublesome cracks.
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