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and by the way people did make their own decisions, there were obviously ONE TOO MANY people that were NOT HAPPY with Mopic for a variety of reasons, certain people who know mods complained one too many times and voila! His thread gets removed. Thats the way the world works, I don't think their Nazis for making sure people are treated fairly when it comes to doing BUSINESS on THEIR site, I'm happy that someone was looking out for the better good. There had to be a point where somone put their foot down and said "enough is enough".

Business calls for a certain ethiquette to be followed, and a certain level of "sellers" integrity is built by following said ethiquette. All of it would have been avoided had he taken accountability and responsibility in fulfillling all requests and orders. He didn't, he just came up with "I've been really busy" excuse, thats like saying, "Hi I own an airsoft shop, i sell airsoft guns and equipment, buy from me please!!! but hey, i might be a little busy to get to you so if you end up waiting 2 weeks for a response thats totally normal, but whatever you do, please buy from me." Does that make any sense to any of you? Cuz it really doesnt to me

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