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I am not for one second advocating the use or purchase of illegal firearms, I am just stating a fact that the price and availabilty of cheap guns, like the highpoints and davis industries guns is so great most gang guys buy the real thing. The criminal use of airsoft is so low, it barely is worth a mention. I bet more banks have been robbed with cell phones or sawed off sticks of bread than airsoft.

As for the price comparison a highpoint .380 or 9mm is around the same price as good quality GBB. For the terminally stupid, let me make one thing clear, I don't sell real firearms. I am simply stating a fact I have interviewed the ATF liason to the PWEU, and Regina told me that the price of real pistols has hit the sub $500.00 mark on the streets of Toronto.

I was simply stating a fact if I was a gang member, I would not bother with airsoft when the real stuf is so cheap and available. And clearly, gang members agree. (Shootings are up 30% over last year)
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