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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
I still think AdSense or something similarly unintrusive would generate good revenue given the volume and diversity of the traffic here: this could easily be combined with a user donation system to remove ads for those who still wish to contribute and/or don't want to see ads.

At least with advertising everyone is contributing some form of revenue, in one way or another. No free rides, more fairness for all.

I don't know all the stats from ASC (including operating costs) but I'd hazard an educated guess it could generate $50-100/day in revenue, possibly more (guessing from stats from my own server, hosting pics etc which I posted here).

It could potentially not only pay for hosting and related expenses, but also for some form of compensation for staff and/or occasional draws etc.
Problem I see with Adsense et al is that american/asian/other airsoft retailers will often come up, so we'd shoot ourselves in the foot when it would come to try and educate noobs not to buy from sites advertised on this site.

Oh, and we'd also get ads from buyairsoft *shudder*
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