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Talking Hey Everyone (Newbie) ... Few Questions

Hey everyone... I am looking forward to being in the ASC community.

I have bought a UHC M92F to start me off in the sport. The reason I ended up buying this one was because of how appealing it was on display all the others I had seen were clear plastic... and I actually never had the full interest in them to be able to buy. But here I am holding my first spring airsoft pistol

Few Questions...

So I have begun to read the rules on how to play... and I still do not understand it all. How can you tell if you have been shot from the back of your whole suit? Won't you have some cheaters and other people whole do not play fairly always claiming you did not hit them. Paintball at least has proof that you hit them but how does airsoft?

Also I am in the Ottawa area and I am wondering where abouts they run arenas or any links to a website?

Is it a necessity to have the body armor? I was already leaning on picking up a Do I need this? I know I should buy a mask no matter what but what about the armour?

Oh ya... for my M92F pistol can I change the spring to this: ?

That is just some of the questions I can think of now. THanks for the help

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