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Hey new comers to keep your nose clean and infraction free just make sure you follow the rules and here are the most common mistakes some people may do.

Common Mistakes
- Bad mouth and go crazy on someone you think is not right (Yeah I learned from a ban)
- Do not post any gun sales anywhere else or wanting to buy gun in the wrong place
- Make sure your pictures are appropriate
- No crazy sigs with a whole bunch of pics
- Discussing illegal activities (Smuggling guns and such) (yup I learned from that too)

- Have a friend here where you can ask anything about so you do not get flamed
- Read the rules once in awhile (Just try)
- Have an opinion? Make sure its clean if its a angry hate one just vent to your friend about it

Basically having a good friend on this forum goes a long way, they will look out for you before you do anything that may cause infractions. And if you need to ask any questions you are free to ask me as I made a couple mistakes and learned from it.
- Pistolero Steve -

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