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"Said the official with, who asked not to be identified."

That worked out well for a request. And when did DE start chambering the .44magnum's? I only recall factory .357 and .50 caliber chambers, oh well.

EDIT: patcou there have been people who have invited the media to events and because of such actions there are many who refuse to attend such events or any others hosted by said people because typically its sprung on the airsofters that show up as a "surprise". The media tends to twist and turn things how they want it to appear, the article above is only a half ass twist of how HORRID airsoft can appear to your average everyday soccer mom. As long as there is a fear of real guns in this country ((how that happened I've no idea... wait yes I do, MEDIA)), there will be a fear of toys that look like fire-arms. Good news is heart warming, Bad news are cash cows, No news is bankruptcy.

On that note there are some very well documented news broadcastings that are still avail. in the wide world interwebs; however they are mostly from countries that have adopted the sport to be safe and fun, Canada as a whole doesn't accept such a view as yet.

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