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Originally Posted by scooby View Post
Hey Monkey, what about head shots, can you still be healed?
Headshots should be allowed to be treated with CPR. Worked for Sarg. from Red vs. Blue .

Another adition that could be nice is give the medics some rubbing alcohol and cotton balls incase one of the wounded ones is ACCTUALY wounded, as in there is skin breakage in which case the medic could just clean the wound and put a skooby doo bandaid on it, just a suggestion. I know rubbing alcohol for so many isn't that cheap (or is it?), but if every one pitches in then a single bottle could be divided into smaller sized containers because in reality, how much of it would even be used? You know, just for those acctual emergencies, because in all fairness who wants to bleed, even alittle, for the rest of the game.

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