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Originally Posted by dddude55 View Post
My name is matt.
I need a new battery for my glock If anyone knows a store that doesn't have a minimum spend limit...
Hey ther Matt, welcom to ASC. If you hunt around the Teams section and check out the Location under the Avatar of most of the players you will find that There are a lot of airsofters in and around the London area. PM a couple of the local guys, they should be able to help you out with those batteries.

Originally Posted by woolgiant View Post
Hi my im woolgiant. .... I cant seem to get a 100% answer to where I can find other people that are nearby. Can anyone help me?
They there, and welcome to Brampton. Send me or SCHWAG a PM and / or you can check out the Team TWAT thread, as they have a local field just out side of Brampton.
I am not a TWAT....

Originally Posted by deadboltz View Post
Hello Everyone
My name is Chris ...... where I can play and basically not get in crap with the law

Any help is appreciated

Welcome to ASC Chris. First of all it'll help out other members of the community if you can fill out all the information in your profile so we know the general area where you are located. This way, a couple of the locat players can help you out with local fields and events.

Originally Posted by delta1ukc View Post
Hi all

Just to say hello, i am a UK based airsofter and decided to register to exchange information with you guys primarily on canadian themed loadouts and weapons. I am part of a team here that play at all the major UK events and also at our local site. We portray a variaty of armed forces including the UK of course, both regular and special forces, including the anti terrorist role, danes, germans, dutch, aussies, swedish. I am currently looking to do a canadian loadout next. For those that want to take a look our website is , looking forward to conversing with you fellas in the near future.

Delta 1 ukc
Hello over there from over here. LOL, welcome to ASC. I am by no means a specialist on Canadian kit, but there are a lot of members of the CF that are either on the boards, or are active airsofters who should be able to help you out with any of you questions. Check around the forums and you'll find all kinds of threads regarding the where and what of Canadian load outs including suppliers of Canadian kit (as well as all kinds of CADPAT goodies).

Again, welcome to ASC, and please check the FAQ section and use the search function before you post.....It'll save you time and greif.

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