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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
Don't kid yourself, that doesn't do squat. They can declare them as "pineapples" or "spare tires", but customs REALLY isn't that stupid. They know who most retailers are, especially if they deal in items that are prohibited and get seized on a regular basis.
I can assure you that Redwolf Airsoft is on their list. On that matter, ANY company with "toy", "model" and "airsoft" in the name is on put under scrutiny, especially once they take a look at what's on the packing list.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's generally inside a package. Every single one of my transactions has been declared as "Toys" over the past 6 years using tariff classification number 9503.90.00.89, toys/nes / Jouets - NDA and 30% has gone through a customs inspection and the shipment has been re-classified as "Sporting Goods" or "Firearms Accessories", which are subject to an additional 3.5% duty.
Hmm... wonder what would happen if you declared something as "dog shit"...

Probably get siezed for trying to import biological matter.

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