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For the love of.....all those above methods reminds me of the days when I was training as an infantry medic.

We use the casualty card method. Usually the medic doesn't see much action since there's only one (or less depending on how short we are) for each platoon. Whenever a person is "hit" the referees will toss a casualty card to the casualty and then he's casevaced back to the platoon fallback position where the medic usually was - somewhere in between the MG and the mortar squads - and we do our casualty treatment drills depending on what "wounds" the individual received and how many casualties we took.

An idea we had in the past was to have every individual carry their own casualty card - this isn't for medic training, more for combat training. The casualty card could be in a card carrier with a lanyard, like those we see on expos and so on. Kept in a pocket by the individual to be taken out and worn around the neck when they are hit. ID carriers and lanyards could be self supplied, medics supply their own sharpie markers, cards could simply be pieces of copier paper cut to size with the individual's name written on it. Low cost, no hassle of re-rolling bandages or having to carry IV bottles. Cards can be tossed away while lanyard and carrier reused.

The medic's job is to remove the card, mark it and then put it back into the card carrier. That takes maybe 20-25 seconds or less and it also helps the individual track how many time's they were hit in a session. Everyone tosses out their cards at the end of it and loser (most hits) buys beer.

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