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The part that drives me mad is the 2-3 days after the package arrives to the country, but doesn't appear inside the country yet on the tracking page, for Turkey, during this time the package gets investigated at the customs. If you are lucky, package procees to the city postage offices and arrive soon (14 days for airmail, 5 days for EMS, 2-3 days for UPS, FEDEX, etc.)
But sometimes it gets held, and a paper comes at your door, saying you need to pick your stuff up.
Then you have to travel to the other side of the Istanbul (takes 2 hours) and will get taxed at customs (i paid 70$ tax for my electric motorcycle's charger for example, yeah saving the enviorment, government loves me). If it's an airsoft that got held, you might be unable to take it, or you will be sent to a security office and police will investigate your airsoft. There are no clear laws about airsoft here. It can take 5 days to 1 year to get your airsoft. (a tm p90 arrived in 5 days to my door via EMS, friend's m4 took 1 year because of procedures)
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