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Medic Method

So the use of medics in games have been on and off at times, and while current methods seem to work, they aren't great. What I'm familiar with, is the two hand touch 60 second method, which is okay but 60 seconds seems like a great deal of time. The medic is also not as vulnerable as they might seem, as they can still be aware of their surroundings and run away.

Today however, couple of friends at a private game in Viriginia (around 30ish people) came up with a brilliant idea that works REALLY well.

Basically, what the medic needs to do, is tie two ribbons somewhere on the person that he is trying to heal (we bought a cheap huge roll of red ribbons, and cut them into smaller seconds, took a min to do with a big knife). Though it might seem simple and it doesn't take as long as 60 seconds, the reason why this works so well is this:

It requires dexterity. To tie two ribbons under pressure is a lot harder than I originally thought, and actually, getting the ribbons out of the bag itself was a feat with gloves (I had to rock my fingerless hobo gloves). It depends on the person as well. Some people can be better medics than others. Also, because the medic is concentrating on tying the ribbons, he cant pay attention to his surroundings, thus leaving him a lot more vulnerable and have to rely on teammates to help with cover. Makes the game WAY more intense. And its a task that needs to be done, which means that if you provide enough fire to prolong the medic tying the knots, the person can't come back to life, and the team has to adopt a more defensive role, allowing the team at advantage to take the offensive.

The main difference i think, was the fact that the medic had to take his attention away form his surroundings, but depending on the person, took less wasted time than 60 seconds. It was actually fun playing the medic, cause it was actuality a greater challenge.

Anyway, a lot of teamwork was required, especially dragging the guys back behind cover and providing cover fire, but it was doable since it was a private game and everyone else basically knew how each other worked. As for paintball field games or much bigger games with new player or inexperienced players, not sure if it would work as well, but its an idea.

*oh, i forgot to add. It also keeps track of how many heals you had, so you can make fun of people later.
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