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I also have one of these.

I have the fullstock model and a shitton of shells (21).

Iv used it in 1 outdoor game and a ton of nights at TAC and i love just about everything about this gun.

the fact it comes pre cutdown is a nice lil bonus for it. the biggest differance i noticed when compaired to the TM counterpart is that it has a much heavyer slide pull then then TM so heavy as a matter of fact that i hurt my arm after using it 3 nights in a row.

fps wise im guessing its around the 300 mark, i use 25s with it though to give it less of a spread, i fired a shell of 12s through it and the spread it gave was amazing.

as for the shells i found one difference to the TM ones, the small peg that holds the base of the shell on is plastic where as the TM one is metal.

overall i love the gun, good price and alot of fun for indoor use, or just looking all badass running through the woods
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