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Originally Posted by swalsh View Post
I just read about this in the Calgary Sun, and was going to get online and "give everyone the scoop" on what's up.... Then I find that there is already 5 pages on the forums detailing what happened and it's potential implications.

In any case, I'd like to mirror the comments above that something has to be done. We need some leadership and representation for the sport at a national level, someone to clue in our elected politicians that this sport is being taken apart, piece by piece by the misguided policies of the CBSA.
Anyone feel up for the job? I'd be curious to see how the British players got together and had their voices heard recently when the sport was in jeopardy across the pond. That might be a good starting point. *** Does anyone have an 'in' with Arnie, or any of the major players over there, that might be able to pick their brains, get some advice and or direction that might help???***
I think that someone, who is mature, experienced in the sport, has a handle on the pulse of our sport across the country, and who is prepared to advocate for us in Ottawa should be appointed, and step up and start speaking out. I also think that it might be a very good idea for each of us to start making noise directed at our local MLA's and MP's on the issue as well.

Personally, I think if they want to go this way, then (dont flame me for this - its just an opinion, and probably wont be a very popular one, I know...) then create a replica licence for legitimate players and hobbyists. A short safe handling and / or written test, show proof of age (i'd suggest 18 or so since most clubs tend to stick to this age limit for players anyway), criminal record check to show you're not 'a gangsta' waiting for your 'throw down piece', and you get your licence. Showing your licence to a licenced dealer would then entitle you to purchase any aeg or gbb, and could also serve as a licence to transport your toy to a legitimate play area for legal use of the 'gun' in our sport. I guess, since I opened up this can of worms, I have to mention the ugly REGISTRY word too..... That could be kept very simple though, if the powers that be dont over think it.

The way we do things now, with anyone being able to just prove they are old enough, they have their parents drop a few hundred bucks to get their kid a toy gun... it's too open to the kind of problems that CBSA and the police ultimately want to avoid in the first place.

I think if we accept a little bit of inconvenience to have things done right, it will bring legitimacy to our sport, and cut down on the problems that airsoft has experienced in the past.

The one thing that has always irked me though, is that airsoft is so much more expensive in Canada, than in the US or overseas. I do not know the reason for this, but more than once I've read someone posting their opinion or idea that this is due to all the red tape and difficulty of importing airsoft into Canada. IF this is correct, then a licencing and registration process, and the resulting legitimacy it would bring to Canadian Airsoft, might even do something to bring the prices down for us...... Eh, maybe now I'm just dreaming.

OK, now I've said it, and opened myself up to FLAMES from every direction. I know this is likely to be a very unpopular idea, but I really think this, or some reasonable idea like it, might just be an idea that's time has come, and may save our sport from being banned sometime in the future.

I dont come on ASC often, so go ahead and tell me what a dumbass I am, or how my lameass idea would be the end of airsoft... I dont care what people think of me, I just dont want to see my favorite sport being slowly whittled away, until soon it is just plain impossible in Canada to play.

Sean W.

First thing...SWALSH, you're not a dumbass nor your ideas are lame. What you stated has been brought up before. For those who remember...Peter Kang tried numerous attempts to talk to those who are in power in the government in regards of this sport of ours. Every attempt failed...needless to say that shows the politicians are not willing to discuss this. In regards of registering your airsoft we all know the known Bill C-68 was a complete failure as well way over budget. Now to do the same thing for airsoft would be a definately waste of tax-payers money and there will be no way anyone would vote to bring that in...not even the politicians themselves (takes out from their yearly bonus!). Perhaps more research on how other countries are managing to keep airsoft legal to own and purchase maybe an alternative way. See what regulations/legislations are in place for airsoft to be legal. A closer study to the US and UK policies and then purhaps when we have searched for every piece of knowledge, then maybe approach the government and show them what other countries are doing for this sport to be legal. By just approaching them stating we all are law-bidding citizens isn't enough to warrant a change in any laws. We have to provide proof as well dedicate ourselves to an commitment that we are treating these guns in a safe manner as if they are like their real counterparts.

As for the noobs that come online with us, instead of squaking to them they're too young and such...refer them to the FAQ section. Yes they are new to this sport and if we treat them like shit from the ghetto..why should they care what happens to the sport. More chances these new guys will do something stupid that will jeopardize this sport...they know that and they don't care. Coach them into safe usage of airsoft and start coaching them from the day they join and purhaps eventually we'll stop reading about some kid got arrested with airsoft in public. Let them ask their questions, no matter how stupid sounding their questions may be. We we're all once new to this site and we all asked dumbassed questions. Yet when most of us joined, we weren't rediculed for any of our questions, so why start now? Yes I know it gets frustrating to hear the same question over and over again but hey...let them ask. Doesn't mean you have to answer them if it makes you pissed off, let them be. Eventually someone else will answer their questions.

It all comes down to....what are you going to do to help make this sport live? By educating the new members on this sport and what responsibilities it carries, the better it will be for all of us in the end. If we can show that new person that we take this sport serious in safety and such, he'll/she'll follow through by doing the same. We are ALL role-models to the new members to the sport! By giving him shit for not reading the FAQ and to grow up and're only showing you don't care about them nor the sport. We all have in one way or another bitched about the legalities of this sport and read about kids caught in public or committed offenses with airsoft. You may even know someone who plays with that Canadian Tire/Walmart airsoft in their back yards or what not, approach them and explain the sport. There has been numerous incidents where I have been in either Walmart or Crappy Tire and over heard kids talking about playing airsoft. I would approach them, identifiy myself to them and explain that I do play airsoft, not the cheap stuff either. I would get their ages and explain to them the laws of using airsoft in public places and the concequences that may follow if they are caught. If they are under age, I suggest to them to wait till they're of age to buy and I give them ASC website. You'll be amazed how many of these kids I've spoke to thanked me and are waiting to get of age. I've also told them if they have time to stop by one of our fields to see what all transpires at a game. That way they can ask the other players questions as well. Get them interacted with other players also helps their coaching. I've also had a few guys come over to my place and showed them my weapons and gear.

Again...what are you going to do to help make this sport successfull?

To the Mods: I appologize if this is in the wrong section.

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