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Yeah, waiting can drive you nuts. But it's a good thing! The more you wait, the more sweeter it will be to open the box and see your brand new toy that you've been telling all your close friends about or bugging your parents with the "did anything come for me today?" line. lol

I received 6 orders one day. Canada post usually delivers them (the new guy kicks ass he always shows up to my door and says "shopping spree again, huh?) The old hag used to just walk up to the door and hang the delivery notice tag on the knob. So, I receive the first package and go to turn around and close the door and he says "I'm not done yet" and I was dumbfounded. He had 3 more things for me to sign for. An hour or so later UPS showed up with my RRV rig from redwolf and my RIS unit from Airsoft GI. I ran up to my room with all 6 packages in my arms and threw it all on the bed. Took me about 20 minutes to open the first one because I couldn't decide what I wanted to look at first, LOL.
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