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Most of the gun parts, you can bring in Canada without problem but the lower and upper receiver, don't try luck to smuggling it in here. The good thing, they seized it but the worst thing, you will be in their blacklist and whenever or whatever you sent outside or receive from abroad will be opened, check and tax will coming along too but still I can't say that you have 100 % to bring the part like magazine, stock, and magazine either. It's depend on your luck too.

For M72A3 LAW, I wouldn't it pass the border at all, Don't ever consider to bring. You can buy one in here when you get verified.

Cheers !

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What do you guys think?

Also, what about taking an M72A3 LAW with me? It is of course spent and useless (all I can do with it is open and close it) so it can't do any harm.


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