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Originally Posted by 808 View Post
People are smuggled into this country to work in the sex trade everyday. Drugs are smuggled in and out of this country easier than Airsoft.
Dont Jinx it, Ive got 3 Japanese 16 year old girls (at least they look 16, u never know with japanese girls) en route via Cargo Container... And i dont want to lose my $1.43 Deposit with Aqua.

On a serious note,
Airsoft Owners arnt in any immediate danger. First off, as it was noted, it was customs agents that arrested him, not police. The charges range from smuggling and falsifying the purpose in which they were being imported for, and selling them for purposes they wernt being imported for. These guys were big players for selling Airsoft Guns, not individual owners. Im sure that CSBA + RCMP, LE divisions are monitoring this site on a regular basis, i bet that a bunch of them are also age verified and have access to the classifieds. But im also sure that they will not expend and waste that kind of tax dollars to raid an individual owner. It costs ALOT of money and manhours to conduct raids + investigations, and no matter how big and import you think you are. Noone cares about you, noone cares that you have a bunch of airsoft guns, and noone cares that your playing airsoft and as long as you dont do something stupid with it, the police wont care about you as well.

The problem with Physical retailers is that Anyone can walk in and get one, which means that punk kids and "thugs" can get their hands on them and use them for a purpose that it wasnt ment for.

All you doomsayers going on and on about how "airsoft is at an end, Sell your guns now! etc", kindly take your posts to the trash, cause airsoft is not at an end. Theres ALWAYS the classifieds, theres Always going to be games and theres Always going to be people like me who are getting tired of hearing this posted every 2 months.

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