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I'm moving to Canada (Calgary, AB) permanently on the 24th. I play airsoft here in Poland (over a year now) and I would like to continue in Canada. I'm bringing all of my gear with me but my main concern is my G&P WGC Custom AR-15 rifle.

I'd like to take it with me. From what I read here, everything is OK (gearbox, outer and inner barrel, battery, magazines etc.) aside from the gun's body itself. So my question is: is there any special permit I could obtain at the embassy to legally bring it in? Or maybe try my luck and pray they won't notice? What are my chances if I politely tell the customs agent what I want to bring into the country - has anyone done it like this? It is a big deal for me, because the body is vital to my re-enactment, unless I could get an XM16E1/M16A1 G&P body in Canada (and I'd also like info on this if these bodies are readily available - if yes, I'll just take everything but mine and just get a new one in Canada)

What do you guys think?

Also, what about taking an M72A3 LAW with me? It is of course spent and useless (all I can do with it is open and close it) so it can't do any harm.

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