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Originally Posted by Rhonda View Post
You are absolutely correct on that it has gone no where Rich. Usually, because the players are afraid of what could happen from the govn't that all they do is talk about doing it. Eventually they either forget about it or quit b4 they start.
We're not afraid of doing something. If that's what you and 808 are taking away from the past threads, you either need to read them again or think a little more deeply. We can't just do anything because we can make things worse. we need a plan that works. Since no one has provided a plan that survives the scrutiny of individuals involved in the 2003 options paper, in addition to experience lobbyists on the forum, what are you expecting?

Oh and, the idea of licencing and registration is no go right off the bat. Not only is the Firearms Act not worded to support such activities, but the CFC is more against the idea of licencing and registering replica than they are against replicas themselves. They've got their hands full licencing and registering real firearm and their users, they are not going to stick their neck out and increase their own burden just so we have a good time. That is a fact.
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