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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
No Im not talking about sitting and waiting for your target during a game... Im talking about patience waiting for airsoft coming in you've ordered! Im a really bad person for it, if I order something I want it here yesterday! I always order goods and pay for Xpresspost shipping especially if it's coming from across Canada. I've got something that is coming from Quebec and it was shipped regular post which will take just under 2 weeks to get to me

Its the same thing though when I look in the classifieds and spot something I want! I'll send the person a PM and I hate waiting to the point where I'll end up buying it from whomever answers my PM with shipping and payment info faster! I seem to have a pet peeve for people that post classified ads but only log into the forums once every 4 days or once a week.

I know Im addicted....

I feel the same way when im waiting for parts or gear. its better that christmas when you get that part tho.
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