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Okay this thread has several people posting in it who have absolutely no part of said group orders between Raygis and A&A. As I said in the last thread created on this topic which I locked after people ignored my warnings and I stated that I did not want to see anymore bickering about a private deal between 2 business people done off these boards that unfortunately some members have money tied up in. I have yet to have a reply from either A&A or Raygis in regards to this confirming from the 2 of them what they have done to clean this up. So till then this thread like the others will be locked and shut down. Do not I repeat do not keep creating more bickerfestival threads on this topic or infractions will be given out, especially to those who have absolutely no dealings with this. If Raygis wants to contact me about having a private sections set up on the boards, with a list of the people involved and only the people involved where you can all discuss this then I will but it will not be open or visible to any members not involved. And A&A will be given access to this sections as well so he has the option to respond if he sees fit. Other then that as I told both A&A and Raygis before this is their business not ASC's so they need to clean it up.

This was one of the main reasons for the forums rules being updated with a new rule for preorders being hosted on this site and the review process which is now involved.
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