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Words cannot express how disappointing it is that law enforcement agencies would spend as much time, effort, and (tax payers) money to do these types of things.
That's what we pay them to do. We can't very well have them sitting around playing cards waiting for serious crimes to be committed. This isn't the 1940's .

Originally Posted by 808 View Post
People are smuggled into this country to work in the sex trade everyday. Drugs are smuggled in and out of this country easier than Airsoft.
Different cops. Different budgets. Different priorities. Different agendas.

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Throughout my time working at XT in Winnipeg, I have seen so many questionable people bringing in clearsoft guns painted black, it would amaze you. or maybe it wouldn't. Despite our best efforts these people transport them in handbags, backpacks, pant pockets, jackets, garbage bags, and hats. We can yell and scream until we're blue in the face, and no one listens.

Walmart, Canadian Tire, Cabellas, and Sports Wholesale (to name a few) are worse for getting "replica firearms" into the hands of people that shouldn't have them, than the 3 individuals charged, combined.

But until clearsoft guns and spray paint are banned, nothing you can do about it. Although, spray painting a clear gun black may be construed as manufacturing a replica, no different than widdling one from a chunk of wood and spray painting it black.

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I've said it before, and people disagree, but we need to do something to try and help our situation. By no means am I the person to know exactly what that something is, but there has to be something we can do. This is a democratic country, right? Since when are policies adopted by a government organization actual law?

Whatever. I'm not educated in any litigative capacity, I just wish things were different for the responsible Airsofters in this country.
Don't we all.
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