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Originally Posted by Torque View Post
i didnt make my order though red wolf or wgc, i made my order though A&A, why should i know their policies? my order was listed on A&A's website so i didnt know he delt with them. he said he could do it legal so why should i have worried?
Regardless of "legal" things will get seized or held in customs. Just having the licenses and paperwork squared means there's less risk of seizure, it doesn't guarantee complete absence of seizure. CBSA goes case by case and decides whether or not to let things through.

And "didn't know he dealt with them", that's fine. But these guns didn't materialize out of thin air. Most of them came direct from redwolf or wgc. Manitoba players knew this.

Hell, I had my first vest held up at customs for two weeks despite it being a non-prohibited item from a recognized retailer.
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