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I'm not going to strictly "call" bullshit on those who say that retailers hardly make any profit on their imports but I am going to give it a strong firm nudge of BS.

Speaking from a little personal experience here, there is tons of money to be had. You just have to go about it the right way. Those 300% markups were mostly PROFIT I'd say. Things are real easy if you don't have to worry about getting slapped by the bitch that is the CBSA. Brokerage and these other "fees" he gets where are they coming from?? He got the guns himself. I'm sure he wasn't numbskulled enough to use something like UPS so these random fees sound quite ficticious. No order I've ever done, no matter how big, was ever charged these mysterious "misc. costs and fees." As far as I know, IF you get slapped by the CBSA, it's one lump sum of bullshit charges and taxes that are soley based on the invoice you include....which is not hard to BS. Now he has a licence so I can't imagine this making things HARDER with the CBSA than the average guy like me.

I have had a few dealings with A&A, all were pretty smooth....but now that this has come to my attention, there was some hint at fishyness. For one, I had an order that consisted of a few boxes of mags among other things. The mags came in boxes of two. All was well except for the fact that one box had been opened and purposley had a mag removed. This would not go unnoticed so it was purposely put in my order that way. When I inquired about, I was promised the mag. I never got it. Only works out to a $12.50 value though so I let it go.

On another order I placed just after the prices skyrocketed on average $100 an AEG. I inquired as to if I could have the "old pricing" on the item. I got it right much for slim to nil profit eh? Was nice of him and I feel sorta like a dick saying this but it just goes to show you the "legitimacy" of prices.

Pre-orders are shit I have to agree. Never go for one if it's just some guy making a flashy promise.

But this instance is inexcusable. When you are a "retailer" it's all on you. You have an obligation (which is likely legal as well, but I'm no expert) to either fulfill the wishes of your customers in exchange for funds or fully refund that money. It doesn't matter what it takes, that's the commitment you make as a retailer. You should also be responsible enough as a retailer to not fuck yourself by making a large promise without being able to deliver. The whole point is to minimize promises and gambling at the point money is exchanged, no?

If any of what has been said in this thread is true, hell, even I'm pissed. It's just a SHITTY thing to do.

Has anyone who has been really fucked actually met Mark face-to-face recently or tried to do so?

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