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Okay, I need to make it perfectly clear that I did not lose my money directly to Mark Anderson. He was supposed to import a custom gun for me from a private seller, which was subsequently seized by customs. I paid the SELLER the $1,000, though I attribute the loss of the gun to Mark and his broker. He represented himself as being capable of importing this item without issue and that turned out not to be the case.

I'm also not unreasonable enough to think that Mark Anderson owes me a thousand dollars, which some people seem to think I do. I'm not that naive. However I lost a significant amount of money AND my gun and have had no satisfaction from A&A on the issue, just the same brush off that everyone else seems to be getting. All I want right now is some closure.

Regarding it not being proper to repost here, I am trying to respect the privacy of the MAA site by not copy and pasting these sections here. I hope you can all appreciate and respect that.

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