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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Anyone notice the emphasis on handguns? They could've emphasis how sinister all them black rifles are, but they didn't. Unless the people charged were importing just pistols for a good while, which they probably weren't, one wonders why the emphasis on pistols, rather than across the board evil military guns?
Probably because the replica guns being used in crimes or otherwise found in the possession of local street gangs are cheap handguns. In terms of replicas, "cheap handguns" are probably the main offender. If nothing else, the people using them are doing so because they can't afford a real "gat" [lol, I had to], so they probably wont dump $1200 for an M249.

Besides, that's pretty hard to conceal in your track pants.

...Specially with the 200 round box attached. :P

Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
The question is whether they know it's legal or not. If they follow CFC's lead, CBSA would think that the acquisition and possession of replicas are illegal.

Now, if they want to the legality of replica firearm for individuals in front of a judge, they can. Good odds we'll come out on top.

Ownership itself is pretty much explicitly defined as being allowed, it's the transfer (or rather the unlicensed transfer) which is illegal.

As far as parts and accessories, as I recall the tariff stated they were legal, but regardless they've been consistently allowed for import (full inspection, etc). Only receivers are being restricted.

My point on that, with regard to my previous post, is you can't just agree something is legal and let people import it and then turn around, change your mind and criminalize them overnight without warning.

Plus you have issues like the PTW (which someone even commented about a few posts up): they ship with enough power to qualify as airguns. But we have upgrade AEGs that could probably qualify, too: it'd be a quagmire to prosecute the average owner.
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