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Originally Posted by ShortCut View Post
Not good.... What are the chances of someone comming here, looking for ones sold? If they did come they wouldnt be able to see the classifieds, because they are not age verified right? or do they have a way of "Bypassing" that?
wouldn't be hard for a CBSA agent to put the squeeze on a verifier, trade it for some like not arresting them or some sort of spook tactic.

Like I said earlier, how hard is it to track down that Peter sold a gun to Frank. They go talk to Frank and want to know where the gun is. Frank tells them he sold it on They come in here and realize that "illegal replicas" are being sold (not hard look at the classified names lol). So they contact a verifier (there's a list or find somewhere around the age verified thing, they have entire teams of computer geeks to do that sort of shit). Once they get in they start copying names, or HELL start "purchasing" guns to get bank info, emails, names, and addresses (I never put a return address). Or they set up a "sting" and sell guns to get addresses.
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