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Originally Posted by Gryphon View Post
I thought people might like to know, Mark Anderson posted yesterday on the Manitoba Airsoft Association site that he now has KSC and KWA pistols for sale, and Classic Army AEGs.
Yeah, he's not going to let the airsoft cash cow get away from him after he's been accustomed to milking it. Airsoft if a fucking goldmine in Canada, because you can charge whatever the fuck you want for it, and people will buy it because there's no other alternative. And seeing how his gun prices increased about 10% per month for his last 4 months in operation, he was making large. He may be closed to the public, but I don't see him giving up his gold mine. I didn't believe it when he first announced it, and this goes to prove it.

I don't give a shit what any of the A&A supporters have to say. Mark imports the guns himself, therefor he pays no markup to an importer like all the other retailers. Look at what the guns cost on Redwolf and the other sites. With the volume he was buying, people are idiots if they think he was paying retail price for them. He was getting wholesale prices, although probably not as low to other internation dealers due to the limited amount he could get into Canada at once. And I also call bullshit on the "high shipping costs". Funny, because airsoft guns in the US cost the same as in Asia. It doesn't cost any more to ship a crate of guns to the US than it does to Canada.

The fact is, none of you know any more about his behind the scenes dealings than the rest of us. You just use the "he's a nice guy", "he's busy" and "he's on vacation" (with the markups he has, no wonder he can afford to spend 4 months of the year on vacation) to defend his actions, no matter how underhanded they may be, when the rest of us (including those who got screwed firsthand) use common sense instead. So Anderson supporters can continue sticking their heads in the sand while he's busy screwing you all in the ass.

The bottom line is that regardless of whether or not he lost money with guns seized in customs, he is a legal business and has a responsibility to his customers. His customs problems are not his customers' problems. They deal with him, he deals with customs. He took their money up front for a product, and because he's losing money, he decides that he just keeps his customers' money. That's wrong on so many levels and I just can't understand how people are vocally defending that.

Now, I should add that I personally never had a problem with A&A. I bought several items from Mark and the transactions always went smoothly. However, regardless of my personal experience, I still find his business practices with his other customers descpicable.
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